As you may recall, my worst fear when it comes to Bebbanburg is that one vehicle will be going down the drive while another one is driving up.  I mentioned this fear to our main contractor the other day and he said, “aw, it wouldn’t be a problem; there are two places for folks to turn out.”

Hmm, I thought to myself.  We’ll see.

And so we did see,  sooner rather than later.  Yesterday I had gone to Hendersonville to hang out at the Wool Room for an hour or so.  It was mid to late afternoon, and we were expecting another pod from the PODs system that we used to move our goods.  He was to bring us the full pod and take away the one we had just emptied.

As I was driving up the drive, I noticed a tire mark in the mud beside the drive and a downed tree branch.  Well that was odd.

As soon as I got into the house, Brian said “you just missed the drama!”
“What happened?”
“What is your worst fear?”

“Ah!  Two vehicles on the drive going in opposite directions toward each other.”  His nod confirmed this.  I turned to our main contractor, not being able to resist the “I told you so”.

As it happened, the PODs driver, whose truck is quite large, was driving up the drive at the same time that our second contractor was leaving the house.  The PODs driver stopped, and once he had stopped he could not get going again due to the slope and his heavy load. (I can sympathize; I’ve tried getting the A4 with its manual transmission up the hill and failed without Brian’s help).

At the same time,  contractor was unwilling to back up because the clutch was going out on his truck and he didn’t trust it not to fail.  He insisted that PODs driver back up, but PODs driver was unwilling, and insisted contractor back up.  This went on for a little while until PODs driver called Brian to explain the situation.

Like the valiant knight on his white stallion Dodge Ram 3500 with Cummins diesel engine, he first pulled contractor’s truck back up the hill and then returned to pull the enormous PODs truck.  It should have been a commercial for Cummins, both contractors commented independently.

The happy PODs driver!


(I’m still waiting for any suggestions to prevent this situation from occurring again!).

Meanwhile, I’ve spent hours up in the boys’ room pulling carpet pad staples out of the plywood subfloor and prying up tack strips.   For this I have been using a Wonder Bar, which despite what it sounds like, is not a tasty cookie.  At first I found it difficult, and I said “fudge” so many times I started craving chocolate.  But I’ve now developed a technique and somewhat of a rhythm.

When Miss Sheila was an older lady,
Sitting on her creaky knees
Well Miss Sheila was a crazy staple-pulling ma’am
Saying staples gonna be the death of me, lawd, lawd, lawd
Staples gonna be the death of me.

The tack strips were nailed down with two different kinds of nails at different points.  One kind is easy to pull, the other requires great perseverance.  But when they come out, they are indeed as dead as a floornail can be.

Okay, so you want to see what we did to the master suite?

I knew I wanted a fairly light blue, so I sampled three Sherwin-Williams colors– Tradewind, North Star and I forget (sorry).  We let them dry and chose the middle one, North Star, which has a slight perwinkle cast to it but looks different depending on the time of day.  Sometimes it shifts to a pretty aqua, and other times looks more deeply blue.


We helped our contractor John, who you see mudding the wall down near the floor while Brian flashed us a smile from the ladder.  At this point, John had already removed the popcorn ceiling and fixed the problem areas.  From here on out, it was repairing drywall, priming, painting and replacing baseboards.


Later we had a flooring contractor lay red oak that was similar in grade and stain as the great room.


Without further ado, let’s look at the result.

In the hallway entry, the doors are not on all the closets because they were being painted (white).

The main bedroom has gone from depressing to light and airy.  Trim and beam was painted Alabaster (SW).  We are using old kitchen cabinets as night stands until ours arrive.

We chose to paint the cabinets that held sinks rather than replace them right now, but they will eventually be replaced. We painted them “Garrett Gray” (SW).  Here is a closer view of the vanity.  The mirror needs to be moved up a bit.

And finally, the bathroom, which I’m really happy with. The color is Constant Coral (SW) and is not shown well with this lighting but is perfect. I love looking into the bathroom from the bedroom and seeing the restful coral.

So that’s it! It still needs more work– we have all the outlet and switch covers plus new plugs, but they have not been installed yet. The trim needs another coat of paint, and the other closet doors need to be installed.

We left the tiny old shower as it was, but plan to replace it after the rest of the house is finished. We also kept the same windows even though they need to be replaced, because we didn’t want to decide on windows for the whole house right now.