Mountain Laurel blooming all over the Bebbanburg property in May

It has been proven that even though I quit my job, I can’t get away from two things: bugs and mice. Now, would I rather be assigned a software bug and spend days trying to find root cause so that I can fix it (often with one line of code) or would I prefer that, like now, my cat scratches had been mostly replaced with bug bites– mosquitoes and gnats and chiggers and the like? It’s hard to say.

But the question of whether I would prefer pushing a wireless mouse all day or cleaning up the gift that the cats left me– which was subsequently stepped on by the drywall finisher and whose internal organs were not living up to the first part of their name (To quote a line that someone else quoted to me from some book I’ve never read and thus cannot make attribution)– is more easily answered. Give me a healthy live computer mouse any day.


Whenever I go outside, mostly for Beowulf’s benefit, I find more things to admire. Yesterday I found a daylily blooming beside the driveway, with many more to follow. In turn, I myself am admired– by all the bugs from the next county over.

It is a fact that Henderson County, in which we live, is situated adjoining Transylvania County. The vampire mosquitoes who come from there are leg and arm men, fastidiously avoiding the neck and attacking exposed parts of legs, arms, hands and ankles instead. Supposing they even have a heart, it would be rather difficult to reliably drive a toothpick through it, so perhaps I will have to radically increase the amount of garlic in my granola and see if that works.

Speaking of granola, we have a kitchen!


Ok then, we have the makings of a kitchen. The delivery guys made it to the right place with the right boxes this time, and had no problems getting up the hill. The appliances were put in a different room; these are all the boxes with little pieces that we get to put together and see if they fit!

In contrast, the PODS guy who delivered our fourth pod this morning was cursed once again by his truck which, even though it was not accosted by a downward traveling vehicle, would not make it past the point it was stopped the last time. It was the same driver, and he was made to hike up the drive and knock on the door so that we could extricate him once again. He said “This company is headquartered in Florida. They don’t even know what a hill is!”

I had intended to show you our office in this post, but there was a slight problem. My desk, which Brian took completely apart back in the rainy city, is missing its hardware. It is surely in one of the boxes scattered throughout the house and the garage, but which one? I’m thinking of posting a reward for its capture, alive or dead.


And good news for future guests! John has just finished replacing the upstairs toilet, since the old one wasn’t quite working as expected.


Meanwhile, Keith is sanding the walls he has fixed in the great room, and they will be ready to prime and then paint on Monday.

And here is the kitchen door, all re-framed and installed, complete with deadbolt and lever knob.