In my last post, I mentioned that we expected three things to happen eminently:  the piano would be delivered, the last pod would be delivered, and the engineer would deliver herself for a day of poking around to see what should be done about the structural deficiences of the construction of the house.

Was the piano delivered?  Delightfully, yes.  George sits in a corner of the great room, with a view.  He loves his new space and is perfectly sized for it.


Was the pod delivered?  Yes.  It was the last pod, so contained all that remained in the garage, plus a lot of things I may have preferred never to see again.  Our garage is full.  Caitlin visited for Father’s Day and was as always a great help.


Did the engineer arrive?  No and yes.  She was sick and had to delay her visit for 5 days. She was here for about four hours a week ago, and promised a repair plan for us, which we have been waiting for so that we can begin our solution and get the kitchen done.  I have no patience for that, but naught can be done about it.

Meanwhile, the sale of our home in Seattle was supposed to close yesterday but may be delayed until Monday. I have no patience for that, and all we can do is wait.

Our contractor John is going to be gone for at least two weeks.  However, Keith faithfully shows up, works diligently and gets a lot done.  He has repaired and finished drywall and primed and painted  the girls’ room, the boys’ room, and the powder room.  Now he has begun on the upstairs hall.

Brian had cleared the powder room of the old vanity, the failing mirror, the wooden towel bars, the toilet and the flooring.  I chose a Sherwin-Williams paint color called Blue Nile, a dark luscious turqoise.  We’ve tried photographing it with high quality cameras but still cannot capture the true color.


Today Brian will be putting new tile in the powder room.  The tile is white, as is the marble top of the new vanity.  All new fixtures are shiny chrome, and I think the end effect will be lovely.  I hope to show you the end result very soon.


A reader wrote to me asking if the turkey hen I reported seeing outside the front door might not in fact be a guinea fowl.  Yes, it could be.  And I hope it is, because they like to eat ticks.  I haven’t seen any ticks around, so she must be doing a great job.

But this black rat snake doesn’t seem to understand that when danger approaches in the form of a motorized vehicle, snakes should slither away quickly.  Instead he made himself into a curly willow branch and adamantly refused to move.  Brian had to get out and deliver a persuasive monologue, accompanied by some physical convincing, before he would move.


Hot Showers: The Necessity Thereof

Our hot water heater works quite well, but will only deliver one shower’s worth of hot water.  After researching new water heaters, Brian settled on a Rheem 80 gallon electric one, went to Asheville and brought it home.  He plans to install it himself, having done that task before in Seattle.


So we will continue to wait, whether or not patience is our forte, for the opportunity to have a kitchen.  Meanwhile we will continue to take our meals on the Sunset Deck.