We’ve been busy!  And by “we” I mean mostly Brian and Keith.  We still have not heard from our engineer, so nothing has been done on the kitchen, but as we expect our first guest tomorrow there were some things that just had to be done.

You saw the painted powder room in the last post.  Once that was done, Brian could begin laying floor tile in the room.  But first, he needed some light.  No problem; he installed the light bar we had chosen nearly a year ago.


Then he got to work on the floor.  When he was about to lay the slate tile in our Seattle home, he researched and learned how to use the Schluter Ditra products, and he has never looked back.  Unfortunately, it is a hideous orange color.  But maybe that’s good, because it means “we” are motivated to cover it up as quickly as possible!


We purchased the tile at Lowes; they are ceramic with just a touch of patterning and they measure 9.75″ x 15.5″.  Once the orange waffles are laid (that’s the Ditra), he laid out the tiles to see how he would need to cut the ones that would need cutting.

As it turned out, he didn’t have to do many small slices, as the ones on the end of every other row just had to be cut in half.   The only slightly tricky ones were the ones in front of the door, which he cut first.


After spreading a layer of thinset atop the Ditra, he was ready to lay the first tile.


And then with a bit of ceremony, he pushed the first one down firmly into place.


Soon all of the tiles were in place, and he was ready to grout.


Here it is all grouted, but the grout has not dried.  Those shoe prints were an interesting touch, but in the end we decided to go more classical and wipe them off.


That was all done by last night.  This morning when I got up and looked, this is what I saw.


Will the baseboards and door frame, the faucets and mirror and toilet be installed by the time Guest #1 arrives tomorrow?  Stay tuned for the next episode.

Meanwhile, we were able to get the girls’ room ready for G#1, since after all she is a (grown-up) girl.  First, the room before anything was done:

There are still odd things in the room, and perhaps the light switches and outlets remain without their plates, but the fan works and bed is freshly made up.  A fun rug hides a lot of the unfloored underflooring.  It will have to do for now.  We decided not to paint trim yet, until we decide what to do with all of the windows and doors.


Brian’s sister Diane made the beautiful handstitched appliqued flowers and gave the framed piece to us for Christmas one year.  It is perfect for the room, the wall color and the rug.  It was hard to get a larger photo without glare but I tried.



Why of course!   Nothing new though, just a cousin of Myrtle’s having a staredown with Beowulf.