Sadly, not much consequential progress has been made at Bebbanburg since my last post a month ago. But last week we had had enough of waiting for the engineer to give us a report, and gave her the proverbial pink slip. (No dear, that does not mean we supplied her with a rose satin petticoat– we relieved her of her duty).

Since then, our guys have put up walls and ceilings and just today painted them this awesome color called Aviary Blue (Sherwin Williams, of course). (You can pretend that those strips of painters tape are our pendant lights that will hang over the counter-height bar, since they are basically the same color. We have a much larger pendant that will hang over the dining room table.)

Pretty impressive, huh? That was sarcasm speaking. I mean, I'm glad it's this far, but being without a kitchen for almost 3 months is getting old.

So what does one do to lift the spirits? As the saying goes, "happiness is a…

… warm puppy!". This is Gisela Bella, 9 weeks old and over 10 pounds, she is likely to be 15 pounds heavier than her brother Beowulf leBlanc. They are getting along well together. The older cats are gathering their sticks and bandanas and plan to head out for the nearest empty railroad car. The younger ones are cautiously optimistic that Gisela will take up all of Beo's free time and he will no longer be interested in chasing them. So far, their dreams are coming true.

We have been talking about getting another puppy for a while, and since an excellent breeder/veterinarian tech/groomer less than 20 miles away just happened to have a black female pup available out of a litter of 7, we made her ours.

The powder room did get finished, in case you wondered:

The guests arrived and we all had a great time.

Hopefully we will have more to report soon as we move ahead full speed. Meanwhile, Beo practices his GQ pose.