Yesterday marked a historic occasion in the chronicles of Bebbanburg: I got to wash dishes in a new kitchen sink! We got around the limitation of not having countertops by re-using the countertops from the old control room temporarily.

It was a luxurious experience to have a tall goose-neck faucet and a deep double sink and a countertop on which to put a drainer. The disposal isn’t yet connected to electricity, but that is minor compared to the joy of not having to wash dishes in our master bathroom.

A double milestone was achieved when the remains of the control room were removed and the ends of the trusses cut off. The next step here is to place a beam across the tops of the two posts, inside those metal brackets, and then to attach the truss ends to the beam using a different kind of bracket. After that, our drywallers can cover it up, create the ceiling and proceed. Of course we will put a railing up there as well. The cats don’t seem to mind that their perches have been eliminated. This photo is Brian having just cut off the end of the last truss.

Each evening Brian and Beowulf walk (or run, in Beo’s case) down the drive to check the mail and shut the gate if it is open. This is often at sunset, which spreads a rather purply glow along the drive.

Just after the sun has dipped below the horizon, the cicadas tap each other on the wing and say “let’s get started”. A few start out and are joined over the next half hour by more and more until there is a deafening chorus that continues until the wee hours of the morning. When Brian went to check the mail a couple of nights ago, a lone cicada was waiting for him on the neighbor’s mailbox. He was a little longer than 2 inches, including wings.

Today we are working on putting drawers together to go into the kitchen cabinets. I like it.