This morning I received a visit and a handwoven gift from a fellow weaver. We had never met before, but he was an affable black chap, short, round and leggy. He just appeared outside one of the sliding doors in the master bedroom and hung around until I noticed him. He is still out there, hoping to mooch off of us for a while– and as long as he is comfortable and can provide food for himself I don’t mind, though I’m a bit jealous that he can weave and I can’t.

In the last post, the old control room had been removed and posts set in place to support the upstairs.

After that, Brian lifted the big heavy beam into place with the help of a couple of other men, settling it into its cradle. We admired that for a week or so.


And then our guys covered it with sheetrock and mud. It’s ready to prime and paint now.

The dining room window finally arrived. I exited the vicinity, cowering and covering my ears while Brian and John were installing it, but it all went well and we love the extra light that it brings in to that corner of the house.

Progress on the kitchen? A bit, but still far from complete.

Our countertops will be delivered in 3 days, and we are excited about that! The dishwasher is installed and working, and the stove top still needs to be hooked up to the propane.

Gisela is growing fast and is a sweet and affectionate girl. She and Beo get excited when they hear the word “walk”.

Downstairs, much has happened, but I have no photos as they are hard to take. Every room except for the sewing room has been drywalled, mudded and primed, ready to paint. Brian did the same thing downstairs as he did upstairs with posts and beam so that he could remove the wall between the great room and the large unidentified room; together they will become my weaving studio. But the ceilings still need to be repaired and retextured.

Last night there was a glorious sunset that was impossible to capture with my camera, but I tried.