I know, I know… everybody wants to know!

Lots of things are done now; lots of things remain to be done.  The great room has come together, and I love it.  There is some painting remaining and lights to be installed yet.  And the piano needs to be moved back in.



This is where George goes


Wonderful light streams in despite the closed drapes

The floors in the great room were refinished and extended.


The control room is dead!  Long live the passageway!


Where’s the bartender?

Upstairs, all the floors have been installed and the closets have had their drywall repaired and painted.  We have the parts for the baluster and railing which will replace the rather pitiful plastic fencing we have up now.


Where are the aliens?


The aliens are here

Both upstairs and downstairs stairway walls have been repaired, re-mudded and painted.  The upstairs stairs have hardwood now.


Brian has installed new outlets and switches throughout the house, and has installed a much nicer balcony light (above), and an entry light.


In the office, he installed a modern ceiling fan, as it gets hot in there during the summer.


Ready for takeoff?

Mork the vacuum robot dines on dust bunnies, piloting himself like a bumbling drunk hoping to extract alcohol from the floors.


“Gotta be some Lagavulin around here somewhere…”

We still view with amazement the glorious sunsets we have.

Rosy Sunset

Meanwhile, in the basement, major renovations were completed and then everything was  fitted with new drywall and paint.  Brian picked up 2300 pounds of flooring for the basement from Fletcher today and that will be his next project.  Meanwhile, all the looms are either in closets or in the weaving studio annex.  He has installed track lights so that when the sun isn’t shining I can still see what I’m doing.


From the doorway


From the outside corner


The looms await in the annex


maybe a countertop back there, with a sink and dye stove?


Out the left west window


Out the south window


Out the right west window


We decided that installing a wood stove in the basement wouldn’t be a good use of funds, since the basement already has heat.  Instead, we plan to install a wet/dry sauna at the end of the hall where the bathroom is, and close off the door that leads directly into the annex.  Can’t wait for that!  That will also give me more room for my looms, because I won’t have to place them x number of feet from a fire.

The sewing room is nice and cheerful, though its contents aren’t quite right yet.


Mellow yellow sewing room


Temporary cycle storage

Outside, it has snowed a couple of times and Brian has figured out how to plow the driveway with an ATV I call Rover.  It has been really cold and it is obvious we will need to replace some of the less air-tight windows some day.  But the fireplace works well, and we are cozy.

2017-11-03 18.31.11

Have a great day!