I’m delighted that Brian has started laying down the flooring on the lower level. Delighted because it means that soon I will be weaving and sewing again! (“Soon” is relative, of course). He’s happy, I think, that he may be able to enjoy his retirement soon and do other things besides work on the house.

He began in the sewing room so that he could get used to this kind of flooring and work out any kinks before starting on the weaving studio. I think it looks pretty fantastic.

We chose CoreTec Plus 5″ planks in Red River hickory. Before we ordered it, we got a sample from the local hardware store. With it in front of me, I used Sherwin-Williams’ iPad app to choose paint colors that would work with it. I am so pleased that the golden yellow is set off so well by the hickory.

This flooring’s chief appeal is that it is waterproof. Having dealt with the effects of the basement flooding prior to our purchase of the house, we really wanted to be sure that the flooring, at least, would not be damaged. It has a cork bottom, some techy stuff in the middle, and then the laminate surface. A moisture barrier is laid down on the bare concrete floor first, and then the flooring, which snaps together with the help of a super-secret special tool.

And that’s all the news from Bebbanburg for now!

Except that Spencer, the biggest but most shy of the four cats, has become much more comfortable, even taking over the dog bed to join in on family time.